Bardwell Farms

Bardwell Farms is nestled in the little community of Remsen, NY. Here we raise American Milking Devon Cattle, the first domesticated breed of cattle brought to this country by the Pilgrims in 1623. Known best as a triple purpose breed, Beef-Milk-Draft, they excel on our grass pastures, producing a gourmet quality beef, rich in flavor and naturally tender in texture, while also producing naturally high levels conjugated linoleic acid and Omega-3 fatty acid. It is our pleasure to respectfully present our beef to the health conscious public.


$5.25/pound HCW including processing

Available in eighth/quarter/half/whole carcass.


10482 Bardwell Mills Rd.
Remsen, NY 13438


Steve Burton
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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