Bo Cara Farms

At Bo Cara Farms, we are proud to offer the finest farm to table beef available. Our beef is Certified Organic and Certified 100% Grass-Fed (by NOFA-NY), and it is USDA inspected. This means that when eating our beef, you can be confident that there are no antibiotics, no added hormones, and no GMOs on your plate.

Everything we do at Bo Cara Farms is designed to work with nature - not against. Our heritage breed beef cattle are rotationally grazed, providing them with fresh new pasture to forage each day, along with free access to natural spring water and to shady woods. Bo Cara cows are allowed to range and grow at their own pace, with continuous year-round access to the outdoors. We treat our animals in the most ethical and humane way possible and, in doing so, we have found that we are improving our pastures, protecting our waterways, and producing a finer, healthier product for our customers. At Bo Cara, we do what's best for the cows, best for the environment, and best for your health.


$5.25/lb HCW including all processing charges.

Wholes, halves, blended quarters, and blended eighths available.

Our beef is USDA inspected, vacuum packed and frozen.


4681 Fox Road
Cincinnatus, NY 13040


Sharon Wiater
 Certified Organic
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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