Hyder Creek Farm

In 2003, two brothers, Brenton and Kane, bought their parents small farm in the hamlet of Monticello, just outside of the village of Richfield Springs. What started out as producing a little bit of hay and tending a few cows has developed into working 214 acres. Yearly, we produce approximately 9,000 small square bales of hay and maintain a herd of 48 cattle, all while working full-time jobs off the farm. In 2018, we expanded our operation to include pasture-raised Freedom Ranger chickens.
The Hyder Creek, from which we draw our name, is nestled between the rolling hills of our pastures and fields and flows into nearby Canadarago Lake. Tucked away from the roads, it is a quiet and peaceful spot where one feels a connection to nature and its abundance of life. You can hear the water flowing and the animals going about their daily routine.
We pride ourselves on taking care of our land and use adaptive grazing techniques to preserve soil health and maintain biological diversity. Biodiversity is the key to creating a happy, healthy ecosystem. Healthy soil stimulates multi-species grasses, which are healthier for the animals to eat, creating a healthier product for the consumer.
Farming is our passion, and we are proud to have three generations of our family contribute to the everyday operations of the farm. We believe that it is important to know where your food comes from and what goes into raising it. It is our hope that you will share our love for high quality, locally grown meats. Let our family feed your family.


Whole chicken $4.50/lb
Half chicken $5.00/lb

We have whole and half chickens, boneless and skinless chicken breasts, thighs, drumsticks, and wings. All meat is vacuum-packaged and frozen. Available April until sold out. Prices include processing.


$5.50/lb includes processing

We also have ground beef available. Assorted beef bundles are available . Bundle sizes are 1/8, 1/4, 1/2. All meat is vacuum-packaged and frozen. Available until sold out. Prices include processing.


1046 county Highway 25
Richfield, NY 13439


Kane Seamon
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised

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