Cherry Grove: The Yohe Family Farm

Cherry Grove is a family farm offering pastured meats: beef, pork, chicken and eggs. Note: All chicken is hand processed by us - no chemicals or bleach used.
All animals are pasture raised. Tours available.


$2.50/LB - averaging $10 to $15 per bird

Chicken is sold whole. Fresh birds available each month from May to October (contact us for butcher dates). Unsold chickens are frozen and sold at local Farmer's Markets.

Our chickens are moved to fresh grass each day. We process the birds ourselves - no bleach or chemicals. Hormone Free, Chemical Free, Medication Free . . . none of the yuck.


$4.00/LB processed price (includes up to 10 LB bacon).
- or - $2.75/LB hang weight

Average pig weighs 250, hangs at 180 and provides 140 pounds of retail cuts. Purchase by the half or whole.

Our pigs are pastured raised. Each day we give them a grain/corn ration. We check the animals daily for health. We do not use meds on our animals unless they are sick - if an animal does require meds, that animal is marked for home use only.

We sell pork all year round.
All parents are on-site (we breed and farrow our own pigs for quality control).


$5.00/LB processed price
- or - $4.00/LB hang weight

We are just beginning to sell 100% grass-fed beef. We are sold out for 2018. Contact us to talk about options for next year (deposit required).


15415 Holley Road
Albion, NY 14411


Mike & Betsy Yohe
 Pasture Raised

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