EidenGulley Farm

As a family owned farm we strive to utilize sustainable and compassionate practices to grow natural produce and meat products for direct buyers and farm to table markets.

The food and other items we offer have been grown or produced in the most sustainable way possible for our small farm.

We turn over and recharge the land with our own animals and vegetable compost in order to leave it better than it was.


$4.40 per pound HCW
This includes all processing, packaging at 5A certified butcher. Smoked bacon as well as breakfast sausage either bulk or in casing all included in price.

Hand raised naturally fed heritage pork. Pigs are Berkshire and Berkshire/Tamworth cross. These are prized for their tender marbled meat and wonderful flavor. Pigs are humanely raised and pastured. NO antibiotics, pesticides or hormones used ever. All pigs are finished on orchard apples


9502 Mariaville Road
Pattersonville, NY 12137


Tom and Jamie Gulley
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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