Alchemy Farm

Alchemy Farm is a new farm startup developing innovative pasture-based farming systems that transform sunlight into soil health and produce nutritious and delicious foods for local consumption.

We produce 100% grass fed Aberdeen Angus beef on holistically managed pastures. Beef is sold as halves or quarters, and we also offer boxes of mixed cuts weighing 20, 30 or 40 pounds. Beef will be available starting December 2018. Limited quantities available, so place your orders early!

The farm also produces honey from a small apiary, which will be growing in 2018. In the future, we will expand to produce pastured duck meat and eggs.


$4.00/lb hanging weight

100% grass feed beef, raised on holistically managed pastures. Boxes of mixed cuts weighing 20 lb ($7.00/lb), 30 lb ($6.50/lb), or 40 lb ($6.00/lb) are also available.


557 Shaffer Rd
Newfield, NY 14867
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised

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