Palmer's Timberdoodle Farm

Our Angus-Hereford cross beefers are born and raised on our small family farm, nestled in the hills of Otsego County. They are all natural, pasture-raised with a small portion of grain each day; no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or other chemicals. In winter they enjoy high quality hay from our own fields. Daily interaction with the herd enables us to monitor them and keeps them calm and friendly, producing a consistent, high quality eating experience for our customers – juicy, tender, flavorful beef. We are NY Beef Quality Assurance Certified Producers, and raise our cattle by those standards.
Taste the Difference!


$3.75/lb HCW includes all processing fees. 1/4's (split sides) and 1/2's available. If you purchase 1/2, it will be cut to your specifications. USDA inspected and vacuum packed.

Steers go to butcher at 18 – 19 months of age. We sell by whole, halves or quarters. Order early to ensure availability of the amount you want.


$4.00/lb. HCW for a half or whole, custom cut, and includes processing fees and vacuum packing. Smoking available at additional cost.

Our pigs are raised on fresh cut grass, garden vegetables, grain and apples, and have not been treated with antibiotics. All pigs must be pre-ordered by the end of March, and will be ready for butcher at the beginning of November. Estimated hanging weight is about 200 lbs for whole, or 100 lbs for half.


554 Chaseville Road
Maryland, NY 12116


Harold or Sandy Palmer
 Pasture Raised

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