Kapp homestead sheep farm

Kapp homestead sheep farm raises sheep on 30 acres. The sheep and lambs free range and are never tied up or penned up. The sheep and lambs are pasture raised and are never fed grain or antibiotics. We are raising the lambs to be processed and is selling it the lamb burger and lamb sausage for $7.00 a lb we can do special orders if we know ahead of time. Please email me or visit the farm facebook page called kapp homestead sheep farm. And we do accept credit card.


$7 a lb HCW including processing.

The lambs are grass fed and never given shots or antibiotics I dewormed naturally with apple cider vinegar and dietomacous earth and pumpkin seeds.


7687 county rte 70
Avoca, NY 14809
New York
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised

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