The Farmette

The Farmette began as a lifelong desire to farm and raise animals humanely. Our mission is to give our animals a good life and offer meat to the local community that


$8 per lb per rabbit

The Farmette raises Giant Chinchilla rabbits which are on the Livestock Conservancy's Watch List. They are the third rarest breed in the U.S. Conserving this heritage breed is something we take pride in, and we take great care to make sure our rabbits are happy and healthy!


Whole pig: $3.50/lb HCW including processing
Half pig $4.00/lb HCW including processing
Quarter pig- call or email for availability

Farm fresh pork raised humanely without unnecessary antibiotics. Our piglets come from Acomb Acres in Dansville, NY. A third generation farm that was established in 1954.
Our pigs are a variety of Yorkshire, Hampshire and Durocs as well as a select few Kunekunes. Kunekunes are a heritage breed that do excellent raised on pasture. We don't currently have Kunekune pork avaiable but we will update our listing when we do! See our website for more info.


9944 State Route 36
Dansville, NY 14437


Kate Morrison
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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