Lehning Farms

Our all natural cattle are raised on open pasture year round on our farms. They have full time access to fresh grass spring, summer and fall and are fed locally sourced hay during the winter. The cows are moved every few days to a different section of pasture allowing them access to the freshest grass. This rotational grazing is highly beneficial for both the animal and the environment resulting in an excellent quality of beef that we are proud of and know you will enjoy. The farm is owned and operated by military veterans and brothers, John and Peter, and their families.


4.10 per lb hanging weight, includes all butchering and processing fees

We offer whole, halves or quarters of USDA inspected and packaged beef. Paper wrapped or vacuum sealed.


7479 Corby Road
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472


Peter Lehning
 Pasture Raised

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