Cherry Hedge Meats

Our Story:
We are a small family farm nestled in the rolling hills of finger lakes, near the town of Trumansburg. All of our livestock is non-GMO, anti-Biotic free, and Hormone free. All livestock is pastured on pesticide free clover pastures year round.

Our System:
We specialize in a unique rotational pasturing system that begins with the pigs. Our fall hogs prepare a paddock, that we later seed with clover and sunflowers. As soon as the cover is matured, we introduce chickens to that plot for the entirety of the year, until the frost comes. Once all the clover is dead we then harvest the sunflowers (which are now matured) and feed our meat birds, and layers the sunflower heads (with other local grains) through the winter until the snow melts and they can start foraging the clover again. The beauty of this system is that it is self-sustaining, and no mechanical implements are necessary, and therefore are footprint is very low.


$4.00/lb HCW including processing.

Whole and half pastured non-GMO hogs
[Available in late winter-early Spring]
*Please make reservations by September 1*



[Available mostly year round (give me a text or email to inquire)]



[Please make reservation by November 1]


5870 searburg road
trumansburg, NY 14886


Eliot Dugan
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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