Gibraltar Farm

We love our animals and take the extra time to make them happy even if it means that we sacrifice some productivity. We raise grass fed Katahdin lamb for meat and breeding stock as well as pastured Berkshire pork.


$837 for 229 lb. HCW

We have a great opportunity for you to purchase a whole pasture raised Berkshire pig (see the photos of actual pig) that was six months old and has already been butchered at a USDA facility and is ready to pickup today. We had a customer that was not able to pay for the pig after slaughter (due to personal issues).

We typically ask $2.50/lb. hanging weight plus processing but because the cuts are already selected we are only asking $2.40/lb. hanging weight plus processing. The pig had a hanging weight of 229 lb. and the processing cost was $288; that makes for a total of $837 for everything.

Everything is vacuum-sealed and chops are cut 1 inch thick, two per packet.

The following is included:
2 packages x Butt Roast (Total 19.29 lb.)
2 packages x Picnic Roast (Total 22.53 lb.)
2 packages x Rib End Roast (Total 9.43 lb.)
1 packages x Spare Ribs (Total 2.85 lb.)
2 packages x Sirloin Chops (Total 5.65 lb.)
2 packages x Fresh Ham (Total 31.48 lb.)
2 packages x Fresh Jowl (Total 1.45 lb.)
2 packages x Fresh Hocks (Total 5.00 lb.)
12 packages x Center Cut Chops (Total 22.23 lb.)
3 packages x Ground Pork (Total 2.95 lb.)
8 packages x Mild Italian Links (Total 7.10 lb.)
6 packages x Breakfast Links (Total 6.53 lb.)
18 packages x Bacon (Total 18.03 lb.)
2 packages x Bacon Ends (Total 1.67 lb.)

Over 150 lb. of great tasting pork.

Leaf lard, liver, kidney, heart, skin, tongue and bones are also available.

Wondering how to cook all these cuts, have a look at where we have a collection or recipes as part of our online cut sheet.

You can pickup from our farm in North Brookfield NY or we can deliver to your home if within a reasonable distance.


9463 Ouleout Road
North Brookfield, NY 13418
New York


Etienne Richards
(315) 272-9482
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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