Helder~Herdwyck Farm

Helder~Herdwyck Farm is a Holistically Managed, sustainably operated, regenerative family farm in upstate New York, producing pastured, heritage breed pork, 100% forage fed rare breed Herdwick lamb, pastured eggs, chicken, guinea fowl, turkey and goose. It is our desire to serve our community by not only providing local, naturally and humanely produced food alternatives to today's factory farm folly, but to improve our land, atmosphere and environment while doing so.


$4.50/lb HCW including processing.

Heritage breed, pastured hogs. May be, but not limited to, Mulefoot, Tamworth or Hereford hogs, or mix thereof.


$5.50/lb whole bird, $6.00/lb half bird Preorder discount on whole birds of $1.00/lb

Whole or 1/2 cut pastured broiler/roaster chickens. Nutrient dense, best flavored chicken you can buy. No Hormones, No Steroids. No antibiotics. Humanely and sustainably raised on grass pasture, supplemented lightly with grains.


$10/lb whole or half HCW including processing.

Rare breed Herdwick lamb. 100% Forage Fed, holistically, humanely and sustainably raised. Unique lamb with exceptional flavor and nutrient content.


$5.50/lb whole turkey. $15 fee for birds over 20lbs.

Pastured Turkey, custom sizes available. Preorder now for discounted price. Sizes 12lb to 30lb


450 Long Road
East Berne, NY 12059


Erin and Ray Bradt
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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