Someday Farm

Someday Farm is a small 100 acre family farm located in the Black River Valley@ 7204 Sweeney Rd Greig, NY. Farm tours available,please call for appointment to insure that we have the time to show you around.We raise Scottish Highland cattle for beef. Our cattle are strictly grass fed so they grow slower than other breeds.It takes 3+years to grow,this contributes to its naturally marbled,tender,flavorful meat.
We also raise just 12 pigs a year, 6 in the spring and 6 in the fall.Pigs are grain fed , our feed comes from a local feed mill. We don't feed them garbage ( old bread,rotten produce,etc).


$ 4.50 HCW including processing

Scottish Highland cattle are slow growing which makes their meat naturally marbled,tender, flavorful.


$3.10 HCW including processing

Grain fed only. No garbage ( old bread, rotten produce, etc )


7204 Sweeney Rd
Greig, NY 13345
New York


Laurie Kriwox
 Grass Fed (No grain)

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