Gravel Ridge Angus

Our angus are bred for marbling for over 20 yrs. To provide the very best tasting beef around. Our cattle never get growth hormones or antibiotics. They have also been bred for growth,which means our meat is tender because they finish faster. They are grass fed an finished on locally grown corn. Which gives the meat a truly delicious flavor. The butcher we use is usda inspected,so the meat we sell is safe for our valued customers.


Whole/ $3.66 lb HCW including processing, half and quarter/$4.00 b HCW including processing. Ground beef $4.00 a lb if you get 30 lbs. Or more. $4.50 for less.

Simply the juiciest and best tasting beef. We truly pride ourselves on the quality of our beef for our customers. We really love what we do, and love our Angus,so they are always humainly grown and happy.


798 scotch settlement rd.
Gouverneur, NY 13642
Saint Lawrence


Dan and Liza Miller
315 528 9147
 Pasture Raised

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