Thyme Hill Farm

THYME HILL FARM is a 200 acre sustainably run, practicing organic sheep farm located in Central New York. We raise grassfed, hormone and antibiotic-free lamb that rotationally graze our pastures in warm months and feed on our own hay in winter.
Our lamb has all the nutritional advantages of a grassfed diet, along with superior taste and texture.


$6/lb HCW, plus processing and delivery

Lambs dress out at +\-50 lbs HCW (hanging weight)
Our lamb is sold at only the finest grassfed butchers and
restaurants and is universally touted as the finest lamb available,
with delicious mild flavor and superior texture.


893 County Highway 40
Charlotteville, NY 12036


Lisetta Koe
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised

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