Homestead Hog Farms

3rd generation family farm that prides itself on raises GMO FREE Pastured Pork. We raise all our own crops to ensure that the feed we use is of the greatest quality and provide the land with the necessary nutrients for the future generations to come.


We sell Halves and Whole Hogs $4 a pound Hanging weight we pay for all expenses. This includes delivery to our butcher a federally inspected butcher facilty, cutting and wrapping, smoking, and we also pick up the finished product and bring it back to our farm. All you have to do is pick it up from there.

Our pigs are raised outdoors most of their lives with access to cover. In the summer they graze green pastures with a free choice grain diet and in the winter are brought down to the main farm where they recieve a full grain diet as well as free choice hay. Most time you will find the pigs eating the hay over anything else.


7330 Campbell Creek Road
Bath, NY 14810


Jake Magamen
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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