Green Heron Growers

We raise 100% Grass­-fed Red Devon beef and Cornish cross chickens on our certified organic pastures. We also sell GMO-free pork and Delicious maple syrup that is a collaboration with an Amish neighbor's farm.
Our family run farm is NOFA­-NY certified organic for chickens, shiitake mushrooms, vegetables, herbs & pastures.
We market all the above products from our farm store and also travel to summer farmer's markets in Williamsville, plus winter markets in Buffalo at Horsefeathers and in Fredonia.
You have the option of buying by the cut or in bulk. 50# boxes of beef are very popular, as are the 1/4 cow Farmers Steve's Select, but 1/2 and whole cows are also available to buy from June through December.
Please check out our website for pricing sheets and calendar of event for upcoming culinary adventures, pasture tours and educational workshops.


Whole Cow $5.40/# HCW including processing
Half & Quarter Cow $5.75/# HCW including processing
50# Box $475

100% grass fed heritage beef grown on certified organic pastures. Rotational grazed, moved daily to a new piece of grass.


$6.75/# Whole & Half Chicken
$12.00/# Breasts
#9.00/# Leg Quarters
Wings, organ meats, backs, feet and necks also available.

Certified Organic by NOFA-NY. Fed organic grains, moved twice a day on pasture from 3 weeks old. Processed by us, on the farm.


$5.00/# HCW for whole and half pigs including processing
Buy also by the individual cut/# from our farm store or at a market.

These are heritage pork raised at the Amish neighbor's farm. Fed only GMO-free grains, The pigs have assess to woods and pastures in the summer.
The Bricker family raises the animals and we take them to the butcher and do all the marketing. It's a great collaboration. The Brickers are a certified organic grass fed dairy.


2361 Wait Corners Rd
Panama, NY 14767
New York


Julie Rockcastle
 Certified Organic
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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