Mounts Creek Farm

We are a diversified small farm located inside the Adirondack Park. Our farm offers consumers local pastured meats. When pigs or chickens need feed the feed is organic. We offer Boer goat meat as well as mohair from our colored Angora flock of goats. We do our best to insure that our animals have a good life and when its time, they are sent to an Animal Welfare Approved USDA slaughter house.

We also have seasonal produce from our extensive gardens. We use certified organic seed and feed our soil rather than the plants.

We do not raise a tremendous amount of food but what we do have to offer is high quality food from land and animals that have been well cared for.


Whole or half a pig is available every Fall. This year our price was $4.50/lb HCW including processing. Price can change next year due to any increase in slaughter costs.
Can be cut up to fit your needs.
Hickory smoking of different cuts and sausage are available
We have some roasts left from this year's pigs and hams.
Please call the farm for price and availability.

These are Berkshire crosses and are raised over the Summer.
Order by August.
Butchering is done in late September


Whole chicken - $3.00/lb. approx. 5 -6 lb in one chicken
All meat is frozen.
Please call the farm for availability.

This is non-gmo,organic chicken that we raise over the Summer into the Fall.


413 Christman Road
Cold Brook, NY 13324
 Pasture Raised

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