Mulligan Creek Acres

We are a small scale, pasture based, family farm located in Upstate New York, nestled between the picturesque Mohawk and Schoharie River Valleys. We raise premium, pastured, purebred Berkshire pork, Jacob lamb, meat chickens and turkeys.

Our farm was founded on the basis of raising animals naturally, humanely and ethically. In providing our animals with a peaceful, stress-free life we are rewarded with the highest quality food. Our pastures are organically maintained and animals receive non-GMO local, custom milled grains.



Whole chickens have been raised on organically maintained pastures and fed a local custom milled non-GMO grain. From hatchery, to the grain, to processing the entire process takes place within 25 miles of our farm. Available fresh May through September, available frozen other months as available.


$4.75/lb HCW including processing

Pasture raised, Purebred Berkshire pork raised on organically maintained pastures and fed a local non-GMO custom milled grain. Animals are born on our farm, fed local grains (hay in the winter) and processed all within 13 miles of the farm.


1181 E Lykers Rd
Sprakers, NY 12166
New York
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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