Knapp Farms

A sixth generation farm located in southern Livingston County, our farm raises over 200 head of beef cattle on 600 acres. We take great pride in our product as we produce all of the feed right here on our farm. We feed the animals, bed the animals, and monitor the animals to ensure that we produce the best quality product available. We specialize in Holstein steers but also raise Angus, Hereford, and many other breeds. Many of our animals have graded either "prime" or "choice" over the years according to USDA meat inspectors. We have a growing customer base that can attest to these grades! If interested, please shoot an email with any questions. We sell quarters, halves, or whole animals!


$2.50 per pound hanging weight. Cut and wrap (processing) usually costs an additional $130. The processing is paid separately to the processor.

We take great pride in the product we raise. Our cattle are fed a diet of dry hay, corn silage and hay silage grown right here on our farm. Corn meal (also grown here) is added into the diet to create a well marbled and great tasting product. Our animals are cleaned and bedded daily to ensure the best comfort to them! Animal comfort and nutrition is our #1 concern which in turn produces an excellent product for our customers.


10342 Hotaling rd
Dansville, NY 14437


Darren Knapp

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