Stonecrop Farm

We are a small family owned certified organic livestock farm near Rochester, NY raising pasture-based meat and eggs. We raise chickens, turkeys, and pigs.


$5.50 per lb (2018) - whole chickens including giblets

Our certified organic chickens are moved onto fresh pasture daily and taste great! If you've never eaten pastured poultry, now is the time! You can pick up at the farm in Henrietta, NY or at the Brighton Farmers Market.


$5.70 per lb (2018) - whole turkey including giblets

Our turkeys are pasture-raised for Thanksgiving every year, and our customers agree that our birds are the best! Frequently rotated to fresh pasture, they have the opportunity to forage every day and are supplemented with local certified organic grain. Sign up early on our website because these birds will sell out!


$5.45 /lb HCW including processing. Smoking available for an extra fee.

Heritage breed pasture raised pork. Our certified organic pigs live outside in the pastures and woodlots year-round. Fed certified organic non-GMO small grains mix, they are great pigs. You can order a half or whole pig for the fall or find our cuts of pork at the Brighton Farmers Market and at our farm in Henrietta, NY.


1396 Rush-Henrietta Townline Rd.
Rush, NY 14543
 Certified Organic
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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