Blue House Farm

Blue House Farm is located outside of Canandaigua, close to Cheshire, NY. We produce rotationally grazed grass fed lamb and Gloucestershire Old Spot pork. In 2017 we produced Freedom Ranger Roasters for local restaurants. Watch us on the Face Book Blue House Farm site throughout the year as we produce a large Katahdin - Il de France lamb.


$7.33/lb HCW including processing.

Katahdin sheep for sale. $200 for Ewes and $125 for lambs. Discounts available when purchased in groups. One Ram available for $200. They are rotationally grazed and trained on electric net fence. Easy keepers. Ewes are excellent producers and mothers with no issues lambing.

Katahdin sheep are a disease resistant, haired animal that requires no shearing. Specialized for their meat products that are flavorful, extremely tender. Raise your own lambs that will be ready for market in the Fall. They can be raised completely on grass, creating delicious high quality meat.


$6.50 HCW including processing

Gloucester Old Spot pigs, gilts and barrows, born Fall 2017 nearing market weight and ready for processing. Never confined, raised outdoors, eating high quality, locally sourced grains and organic hay. The purebred Gloucester gilts can be registered as excellent breeding stock.

The breed is famous for their bacon and ribs, as their fat creates a rich flavor. Gloucester Old spot pigs are known for its rich, tender, marbled pork. $350 for whole pig or $200 for half pig.


3594 Woolhouse Road
Canandaigua, NY 14424
 Pasture Raised

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