Someday Farms

Family owned farm which uses rotational grazing for beef and grazing along with farm produced products for hogs. All animal bred and raised here no feeders from other locations. We feature purebred Redpoll and Redpoll Limousin crosses for our beef herd. Redpoll cattle are well know for their tender and nicely marbled cuts of meat. Our pigs are Hereford along with IPP(Idaho Pasture Pigs). Excellent quality and taste. Bundle packages of beef, pork or combinations available upon request.


Beef is in bundles, 50 lbs. increments. They include steaks, roasts and ground beef(bulk and patties). Usually approximately 50% steaks and roast and 50% ground beef. Specialty cuts upon request. $4.00/ lb. includes processing. (Can be combined with pork bundles) Discounts for large bundles. Delivery available

Our animals are purebred Redpoll or Redpoll-Limousin cross breeds. Beef is available most times, but pre-ordering is requested. This way products are as fresh as possible. Naturally raised, no hormones or antibiotics. Grass fed which has excellent taste and is naturally lean.


Pork is in bundles, 30 minimum. They include chops, steaks, roasts, hams, bacon and breakfast sausage.(depending on size of bundle)$4.00/lb. includes processing.(Can be combined with beef bundles) Discounts for large bundles. Delivery available.

Pork is usually available, but orders are requested. Hogs are Hereford-IPP crosses. Our hogs are born and raised right here on our farm. No hormones or antibiotics. Pigs are fed by grazing and products grown on our farm. Our pigs are raised for excellent meat quality and taste.


2378 Broadway Rd
Darien Center, NY 14040


Matthew Baldwin
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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