Peaceful By Nature Farm

We purchased our farm in late 2011, with the idea that we would begin a small, grass-based livestock operation to help feed ourselves as well as our local community. Our idea is to work with Nature, rather than to fight it, and is why we chose our farm name to reflect that philosophy. Now, almost 5 years later, we have reclaimed overgrown land for pasture, and have a flock of Dorset sheep with 25 breeding ewes. Our sheep lamb in spring and fall, and we raise the lambs until they are 6 to 8 months old before harvesting them.


$4.00/lb HCW plus processing fee of $65/lamb for custom or $110/lamb for USDA inspected - $100 deposit required at time of order

98% grass-fed and finished - we feed a very small amount of grain periodically when needed. Lamb is usually available in the late spring and late fall by the half or whole. Lambs are typically 50-60 lbs hanging weight.


361 Aldrich Road
Norwich, NY 13815


Jack Salo and Karen Hoffman
 Pasture Raised

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