Blue Spoon Farm

A small family style farm in central New York. We are working to build a diverse and sustainable farm using permaculture principles and holistic management practices. Utilizing 16 acres of flat open pasture land. Like many farms, years ago, this one was 150 acres raising dairy cattle. We have an English style drive through barn built in the 1890's. Established in 2009, the Blue Spoon Farm is young. Each year we try out new ideas and document what works and what does not. We offer shares in our farm products. Each share will get half a goat, a turkey, a duck, and a dozen eggs of various kinds a week as they are available. CSA members are also allowed to come stargazing or bird watching on the property by appointment.

At the Blue Spoon Farm we do not use chemical pesticides or fungicides on our vegetables or in our animal feeds. We purchase our grain locally directly from the grower. We are not a certified organic farm. All of our animals are treated humanely and are all allowed access to pasture when it is available and green. We practice rotational grazing with our goats,sheep and cattle in an effort to provide the animals with the cleanest pasture. We strive for all of our hay to be produced on the farm, organically but we do buy hay locally when necessary. We rely on our neighbors to fill in the gaps.

Delivery is available to downtown Cortland, Triphammer Mall, and the Ithaca Commons area - in small quantities , by appointment, at no extra cost.

I can ship eggs and meat. If you are a customer who wishes to have items shipped please check prices with your local FedEx carrier as I will ask you to pay for the delivery directly to FedEx by phone.

Often for religious reasons, or to cut down on costs, or create a special cut, people wish to butcher their own meat. We have secured a partnership with a neighbor for anyone wishing to use this service. Please contact our farm (607) 898-9050 to make arrangements before ordering. We do not have on farm slaughter.


$25 each, including processing.

Muscovy and Muscovy crosses, birds are less than a full year old, self selected, very free range.


$3.50 a pound live weight.
$10.00 a pound frozen USDA processed cuts.

Cabrito or Chevon, available are less than a year old.USDA processed cuts. Cuts will be available on January 1, 2017.

When buying a live goat you will pay me, the farmer, for the goat. Often a 4 month old goat will weigh about 50 pounds and cost $175 ($3.50 a pound). You will need to discuss arrangements for processing with the butcher. After you pay me for the goat. I will deliver the goat to the processor on a day that we all agree on, delivery cost is included in the price. You will pay the butcher when you pick up the processed meat.
If you are a return customer you will be eligible for a discount 5% the first year you return, and an additional 1% for every year after, up to 15% off.

These arrangements are flexible but this is basically how we get good food into your home at the lowest price.


$60, including processing broad breasted white. Heritage mix breed $100 each.

If you are a return customer you will be eligible for a discount 5% the first year you return, and an additional 1% for every year after, up to 15% off.

All turkeys are free range and pastured. Mixed heritage breed, self selected, heritage breed, or Broad Breasted Bronze. All are pastured, and free range when adults.

To allow us to supply you with the best quality at the lowest cost it is important that you leave a deposit for your turkey prior to butchering. You should order your bird in February (yes, February). It takes almost a year to raise a heritage breed turkey.

Our adult turkeys are raised free range. They are in a fenced in yard (16 acres) with access to water and pasture. When they are poults (baby turkeys) they are housed indoors with food and water always available. When they are feathered enough for the weather they are moved outdoors into pens, to protect them from predators. Our breeding stock and adults are yard birds. They roost wherever they desire, they eat when they want, and they have full control over their lives. If you visit on a snowy evening you will find them roosting on a fence near the barn. Don't fret, they have access to the barn and a coop. They choose to roost there!


$60 each, including processing.

Toulouse crossed with other breeds, birds are less than a full year old.


520 West Groton Rd.
Groton, NY 13073


Jacalyn Spoon
(607) 280-1075
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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