Hanova Hills Farm

550 acres devoted to rotational grazing for 160 mother cows and their calves each year. We also finish about 100 beef animals each year. We sell under a USDA approved label of Lake Country Premium Natural Beef . We have also added pork and lamb in recent years to meet customer requests. In addition to offering custom cut sides and quarters, we sell individual cuts at three farmers markets in season and have a Meat CSA from November to April each winter. We also supply some specialty meat shops and restaurants We are the most sought after local beef in Western New York


Custom cut sides and quarters of natural beef $4.50/lb. HCW including processing.

Beef from young angus steers 16 to 22 months), dry aged in climate controlled cooler for 18 days, cut to customer specifications, vacuum packed in clear plastic, flash frozen, and delivered to agreed location


Half or whole pork

Half or whole pork $5.89/lb. Hanging Weight or HCW

Fresh and cured cuts with ham, bacon, and sausage, smoke cured.
Italian and breakfast sausage available. We have pork year around, but the numbers are small so there may be gaps in availability


Whole or half lambs $9.98/lb. HCW

Our 2016 crop of dorset lambs has been processed into individiual cuts. Custom cuts are no longer available this year.
In 2017 we will offer our new line of Dorper Lambs, a new breed with excellent meat. We will sell a mature lamb 6 to 8 months old and well finished on grass.


775 Hurlbert Road
Forestville, NY 14062


Dan & Sue Egan
 Pasture Raised

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