Blue Fire Farm

We are a grassfed meats and honey farm. Our cattle and poultry are rotationally grazed over the farm throughout the growing season mimicking the great bison herds that once roamed the great plains. We are working toward year round grazing by expanding our pasture's plant diversity by incorporating fescue and brassica cool season growing forages. Our beef is available year round but our poultry products are limited to spring through fall. Broilers are started at the end of March normally. Feel free to email or call for more information. Also check out our Facebook farm page for the latest updates and happenings going on on our farm, Heritage Milk N Honey.


$3.50 per lb for standard cut wrap & freeze. Patties, hotdogs, vacuum sealing, ect are extra

Our beef is available in 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef options. The hanging weights are determined by the butcher. I can offer estimated weights but actually weights made after butcher prior to, or after aging of beef depending on butcher used. Do remember finally product weights depend on cutting choices and since we have our butcher tailor cutting to person ordering, final weight outcomes vary with each person.


Broiler birds are $15 each. They average 5-8 lbs and this includes a $5 butcher & bag fee. We raise birds seasonally so its best to pre order.

Our birds are purchased as chicks and moved into portable pasture housing as soon as they are feathered. They live outside on fresh pasture for the rest of their lives. Our poultry do require grains in addition to grass and bugs found in the pasture to balance their dietary needs. We source our chicken feed from a local feed mill who grind and mix the grains themselves.


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