J and J farms

John Phillips grew up on his family farm in Lancaster New York. When he was a teenager he started his own farm venture by raising and selling free range Chickens. When he went off to college he had to put a hold on his farm plans. Jeweliet and John met and married. With Jeweliet’s business background and John’s love for farming, they started the farm again. They now have free-range, all natural chickens and thanksgiving turkeys as well as a farm stand with fresh grown vegetables and home baked goods. They want to share their love for home grown food with quality you can taste.
Our poultry are raised in a large open bottom pen on a field. The pen is moved twice a day to insure they have fresh grass, seeds, insects, and worms to eat. They still have their all natural feed with them as an option to eat. Chickens are taken to a local, inspected and certified butcher at 8 weeks old, when they reach market weight. Turkeys are taken a few days before Thanksgiving. They are humanely butchered and prepared for your table. They are placed in heavy duty freezer bags and are weighed on a government certified scale and labeled for resale. We drop them off in the morning and pick them up that night. They then undergo a 3 day cooling down process before they are placed in a freezer. The turkeys are ready for your Thanksgiving dinner.
We do two batches of chickens per year.


$3.50 a pound

Free range and all natural chicken.


$4.00 a pound

Free range and All Natural Turkeys.


304 Schwartz Rd
Lancaster, NY 14086


Jeweliet Phillips
 Pasture Raised

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