Untamed Acres

Untamed Acres is small farm dedicated to raising our animals in an environment that is natural and conducive to the health and well being of each animal. Sheep are free to roam big pastures, pigs have plenty of room to dig and root around, and the chickens and turkeys have ample space to peck for bugs and seeds. Animal feed comes from a fellow local farmer who grows and mills his own feed and is antibiotic and hormone free.



We currently have some whole chickens ready to go and become a delicious healthy meal for you and your family.



Turkeys will be ready the week of Thanksgiving, so you can have a fresh pasture raised turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner.


$8/lb HCW.

This includes cutting and wrapping. Lambs will be ready the beginning of December, so plan now for your Holiday dinners.


$3/lb HCW

This includes cutting and wrapping. There is an additional fee per pound for sausages and smoking. Call for details.


3604 West Lake Rd
Bradford, NY 14815


Annastasia Brothman
 Pasture Raised

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