For Peate's Sake Homestead

Small family farm concentrating on raising animals humanely. All our animals are raised on pasture or free-range in the case of our chickens. Our pigs are fed a varied diet of whey, cheese, produce, hay, and forage resulting in a flavourful and tender meat. We only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary and never give our animals any unneeded medication. Our philosophy is that just because an animal is destined for the table doesn't mean it should be denied a happy life. CSA Shares available.



Free-range whole chicken. These are not commercial white chickens, and therefore have a bit less breast meat and more leg meat.


$3.75/lb HCW

Whole or half pigs available year round. Pasture raised. Feed a varied diet of grain, cheese, whey, produce, and forage. Price includes cost of processing.


8959 North Hill Road
South Dayton, NY 14138
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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