Schrader Farm

My Romney lambs are born in March and April, then turned out on pasture with their mothers in May. They are rotated on pasture during the summer and fed a supplemental lamb grain that is free choice. They are given no antibiotics unless it is needed for illness or injury. Romney sheep are noted for their milder, more delicate flavor of meat. Romney's are also known for their lustrous fleeces, perfect for hand-spinning or felting. Raw fleeces are available in white and natural colored (gray). Breeding stock is also available.


$3.85/lb HCW and includes all processing fees and delivery within reason

Lamb is available in half or whole during October, November, and December but must be reserved by July 30th. Meat is vacuum sealed and frozen, cut according to your specifications.


22657 Williams Road
Rodman, NY 13682


Janet Schrader

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