Mack Brook Farm

We raise beef that we want to eat!

In this quiet corner of upstate New York, our herd of Angus cattle roams over pastures on our 300 acre farm. Their only diet is grass from our pastures and, in winter, hay from our fields.

No antibiotics, or hormones or genetically modified feed are ever given to our animals.

Our 'pasture-based' farming is environmentally sustainable. Since the animals are born and raised on our farm, we have 100% traceability.

Mack Brook Farm is proud to have earned both the Animal Welfare Approved and American Grassfed certifications. You can enjoy our great tasting beef with the confidence that our animals are raised humanely.

Come and visit. We'll show you what we do.
Kevin Jablonski and Karen Christensen


$5.90/lb HCW including processing.

We sell by individual cuts or a full side.


312 McEachron Hill Rd
Argyle, NY 12809


Karen Christensen
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Animal Welfare Approved

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