Pleasant Valley Farm

Pleasant Valley Farm was originally established in the 1850’s. Through the years it has supported a stop along the wagon trail, various farm animals and multiple families. Parts of the farm were divided off and sold in order to support and sustain the farms homestead.
Originally owning 300 acres on the East side of Route 58, in 2007 we purchased the parcel containing the homestead and successfully put the majority of the farm back to its original 1850’s glory.
Since 2007 we have been working hard at bringing back the pastures, running new fencing and restoring the old barn. In 2011 we introduced Scottish Highlanders to the property and added purebred Berkshires and Whiteface Herefords to our livestock inventory. In 2017 we started transitioning our herd of cattle over to Red Angus and will begin butchering in the late spring of 2018.
Our animals are grass fed in our grazing pastures on a rotational basis during grazing season. During the winter months they are fed locally grown hay that we bale off of our farm as well as surrounding fields. We supplement the cattle with locally grown corn meal twice a week and the pigs receive a supplement of hog mash on a daily basis.
Pleasant Valley Farm is an old farm with a renewed life. We look forward to serving you and your family. Thank you for stopping by.


$3.70/lb HCW whole including processing
$3.95/lb HCW half including processing
$175 for piglets in either Spring or Fall

Pasture raised Berkshire hogs grazed on a rotating basis with a diet supplemented only by hog mash.


$3.75/lb HCW whole including processing
$4.00/lb HCW half including processing

All of our cattle are raised on our pastures and supplemented with locally grown corn meal.


23 Bancroft Road
Edwards, NY 13635
Saint Lawrence


Jeff Shippee
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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