Sweeney Homestead

Small family farm located in LeRoy, NY. Farming is in our blood with a long family history going back to 1812! We raise chickens and turkeys that are on pasture and treated with care and respect. We also operate a small CSA on our farm which includes produce, eggs, honey and maple syrup.


$4.50/lbs whole birds

Pasture raised chickens. We raise several breeds ranging from slower growing breeds like the kosher king to faster growing
breeds like the Cornish roaster.


$3.50/lbs whole birds

Pasture raised turkeys. They are on pasture as soon as they leave the brooder, where they can forage as they please. Processed for fresh Thanksgiving turkeys.


9846 Asbury Rd
LeRoy, NY 14482
 Pasture Raised

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