Donahue's Livestock Farms

Donahue's Livestock Farms is family owned and operated. We sell grain-finished ANGUS BEEF. Our animals are never fed antibiotics and are free of added growth hormones and implants or chemicals. Our beef is always going to be *at the very least* 50% ANGUS Beef.  We have approximately 130 of our own mother cows that are Red Angus or Black Angus... and ALL of our Sires are registered--either Red or Black Angus.  Therefore the beef you buy from us will NEVER be from culled out DAIRY cows because they are no longer productive.  We also help support local economy by buying feeder calves from local farmers. All cattle are bought, raised and processed LOCALLY.

Please feel free to call with any questions... or to set up an appointment to come and pick out your own beef!


Whole cow....$3.65/LB dressed weight, processing costs @ Tri-Town Packing included.

Half cow....$4.15/LB dressed weight, processing costs @ Tri-Town Packing included.

Assorted STEAKS, ROASTS, SMOKED DOG BONES, ANGUS JERKY and MORE will also soon be available!



379 Cty Rt 15
Bangor, NY 12966


Brandon Donahue

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