Wind Swept Meadows Farm

Our farm is a year round destination for local products. We raise Angus beef, turkey, and chicken. Our animals are not given antibiotics, growth stimulants, hormones, or artificial proteins. Our animals have access to outside, and we are open to farm tours, but please call ahead. We also have a beef CSA, farm fresh eggs, and a roadside stand with our fruits and vegetables. During the Christmas holidays we sell value-added products such as wreaths, cookies, and other homemade products.


Bulk Packaging:
Option 1: $791 including packaging and processing. 20lbs monthly for 5 months

Option 2: $398 including packaging and processing. 10lbs monthly for 5 months.

Our Angus are grass-fed and then we finish with our own ground corn and soy to provide marbling. Individual packages and cuts are also available at market price.



Average weight is between 3-5lbs. We sell our chickens by the whole and they are frozen.



Sizes vary from 9-26lbs, options for all family sizes!


17025 Cty. Rt. 68, Zoar Rd
Jefferson, NY 13601


Tom and Delta Keeney
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised

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