Allen Peterson

Cattle farm, vegetable farm, and farm store located just off the Strunk Rd exit of I-86 in Jamestown NY. The farm has been family owned and operated for over 100 years. We have a 50-head herd of Hereford cattle. We are dedicated to raising and maintaining each cow, steer, heifer, and bull in a calm and safe environment. All members of the farm are well versed in Beef Quality Assurance techniques as well as humane handling.


$3.10 per pound HCW, which includes transport to facility, cutting and wrapping.

We sell animals by the half or quarter (divided half) to individuals and families. All animals are raised from birth to slaughter on our farm, all feed is grown on the farm. We do not use implants or feed additives. Antibiotics are only used in circumstances where an infection would spread to the entire herd or the animal is suffering from illness. When antibiotics are administered they are on the individual basis and not given to the entire herd. Any animals that have received an antibiotic are documented and the information would be available to customers. All withdrawal periods are followed for any animal receiving any vaccine or antibiotic. We reserve animals starting in November, but we do not take for processing until January through March months to insure they are properly finished. We raise between 15 and 20 animals per year to finish for direct sale. Communication about cuts would go straight to the butcher from the customer.


3030 Strunk Rd
Jamestown, NY 14701


Kaitlyn Bentley
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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