Mace Chasm Farm

At Mace Chasm Farm we raise livestock, do our best to care for our environment, & also do the butchery ourselves here on the farm. Our beef and sheep are grass-fed, and our pigs, chickens & turkeys forage on pasture and eat grains and whey, which makes for excellent meat and eggs. All of our animals are rotationally grazed. A variety of cuts are prepared and fresh sausages are made each week for market using fresh herbs from our fields and 100% organic spices.

Our on-farm Butcher Shop is always open & stocked with our fresh eggs and a large variety of our meats sausages - come on by and check us out!


$5.25/lb HCW for half pigs & $4.75/lb HCW for whole pigs, including basic processing.

Smoking, slicing, and sausage making (using 100% organic spices) adds an additional $0.75 per pound, and casing your sausages (making links, rather than loose sausage) carries the material cost of $0.25/lb. You will have the choice between vacuum packing or butcher paper wrapping for your products.

We aim for a hanging weight of 160-180 lbs, and we expect variation among animals. You’ll be contacted with the actual hanging weight, at which point we’ll do a final check in about your cutting preferences.

In your freezer, a half pig will use about two cubic-feet depending on how it’s packed, and for a whole pig, about three to four cubic-feet.


$5/lb with bulk discounts available.
Our birds average around 4 lbs each, and during the production season we are able to part them out for you.

Pasture raised birds, fed 100% certified non-gmo grains and organic small grains. They are moved to new pasture once or twice a day. We raise both Freedom Rangers and Cornish Cross, and take orders for both.


$5.50/lb - birds range from 12 lbs to 18, and we can part out or halve the turkeys for you.

Raised on pasture, moved daily - these heritage breed turkeys are healthy & delicious.


Prices for retail cuts vary, but whole lambs are available for $10/lb, including cutting and packing, unless sausage making is involved, in which case an additional $.75/lb will be added. Our pastured pork fat or 100% grass-fed beef is available to add to sausage if you like. We make an awesome Merguez.
We'll send out a cut sheet.

Our lambs are Katahdins, born and raised here on grass - they are 100% grass-fed animals. Carcass weight usually comes in around 40 lbs.


810 Mace Chasm Rd
Keeseville, NY 12944
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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