Three D's Farm

We're a small family farm located just south of Lake Ontario who specialize in pasture and woodlot raised pork & poultry. Our animals are never confined and are raised on a variety of grasses, legumes, fruits, vegetables and top quality feeds. No chemicals, antibiotics or hormones are ever used.



Pricing includes whole bird processing and wrapping. Splitting, quartering and breasting are also available for an upcharge.
Our birds are pasture raised and enjoy all of the goodness that the land has to provide.


$3.00/lb HCW including processing

Half or whole hogs, processed how you want them!
Processing fees are not included. Average hanging weights range from 160-200lbs.
Our hogs roam our woodlots and pastures freely consuming a natural and varied diet. We do not confine our hogs.


2305 Carmen Rd
Barker, NY 14012


Sarah Deak
 Pasture Raised

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