Excelsior Farms

We're the third generation on a small farm nestled off the shores of Lake Ontario near Point Breeze. We pride ourselves in raising the highest quality beef and fruit. We raise Angus and Red Angus cattle with a focus on high marbling genetics. We believe our customers deserve Prime and strive to achieve that with every steak. Our animals are all born on the farm and graze grass as long as the season permits. They are additionally fed hay we grew on the farm as well as grain for the last few months to ensure the most tender, flavorful beef. The cattle are never given any growth hormones or any feed additives.
Additionally, we raise pigs, lamb and free range eggs.


$4.50/lb HCW

Prime, dry-aged beef delivered to your door for one simple price. This includes butchering and vacuum-sealed packaging costs. Available in 1/4, 1/2. See our website for details: bannisterbeef.com

$4.00/lb HCW

This is a whole steer. If your family loves natural, prime beef, or you have another family to split with, take advantage of this discount deal. This price includes processing, vacuum-sealing and we will deliver it. See our website for details: bannisterbeef.com


1193 Point Breeze Rd
Kent, NY 14477


Bailey Bannister
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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