Schwab Show Pigs

Family owned & operated, Schwab Show Pigs focuses on more than just show pigs. Our high quality breeding stock allows for us to produce hogs that are not only show quality, but also a high quality pork product.

We breed and raise purebred Spots and Spot Berkshire crosses. Although our hogs are not a heritage style hog, their meat still holds a similar flavor to the meat of a traditional heritage hog.

We also raise pastured laying hens and pastured meat chickens. All of our poultry are raised naturally and without the use of antibiotics.

All of us here at Schwab Show Pigs are PQA+ (Pork Quality Assurance) certified and members of the New York State Pork Producers.

We welcome scheduled tours of our farm.


$4.00/pound; HCW

Pork is available by the whole or half and ready for pick up around March and September.

Price includes processing and is subject to change.

**Call or email for availability

Piglets are available in April/May and October. Please call or email for piglet prices and availability.


Whole bird: $4.00/pound

Whole Cornish Cross, pastured chickens are available from June to October. Please pre-order to guarantee availability. Chickens can be cut up upon request and for an additional charge.


1461 Perry Rd
North Java, NY 14113


Jennifer Schwab or Dan Schwab
585-356-7624 or 585-356-9056

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