Freedom Ranch

Diversified free-range grazing operation. All our critters enjoy the freedom to graze,chase bugs, lounge in the sun, and socialize with each other as they desire.
No medications administered unless needed for their health.
All meat is sold with a non-refundable deposit, amount depends upon type of meat reserved. Deposit will only be refunded if an 'unfortunate event' happens to the reserved animal.



Whole frozen Muscovy ducks. Fantastic quality, not greasy and very flavorful


$5.00/lb for whole, half or quarter. Processed at a local, non-USDA plant. Price includes delivery to plant, buyer picks up meat at plant.

Hand raised, grass fed happy Jersey steers available. Pasture is supplemented by fresh locally sourced Brewers grains. Jersey beef is reputed to be very tender and rich in flavor.


$5.00/lb whole goat only, includes delivery to local non USDA plant. Buyer picks up meat from plant.

Whole kids and occasional mature goats. Kids available March through October only.


$5.00/lb. whole or half hog includes delivery to local non-USDA plant. Buyer picks up meat from plant.

Pasture raised and supplemented with whey, goat milk and fresh, locally sourced Brewers grains. Never confined, happy pigs.


$5.00/lb includes processing. Buyer picks up at farm. Whole bird only.

Truly free range Bourbon Red turkeys. Available the week before Thanksgiving. Fresh, never frozen. Pasture raised.


8265 Green rd
Hubbardsville, NY 13355


Sharon Dziekonski
315 825-1377
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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