Crum Creek CSA

We are a small family farm in upstate NY. We raise and sell beef, pork, chicken, and eggs.


$3.10/lb HCW including processing

Beef is available year round. You may purchase individual cuts or twenty pound bundles anytime out of our freezers. Our bulk options of a whole, half or quarter animal are available every three months.
Our beef is pastured and about 85% grass fed.



Our chickens are pastured in a moveable coop that is towed around once to twice a day. They eat a diet of bugs, grass, and chicken grain with no antibiotics or other additives.


$3.75/lb HCW including processing

Pork is available by the individual package or in our twenty pound bundles year round. Our bulk options of a whole or half a pig are typically available only in Oct.


200 Crum Creek Rd
St Johnsville, NY 13452


Stacy Handy
 Pasture Raised

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