Weisbrod Farm

Weisbrod Farm specializes in the production of 100% Grass Fed Beef on its 100+ acre farm in Perryville, NY. Our family has been raising beef cattle for over 40 years and in the late 90's we started transitioning our animals to strictly grass fed. We run a closed herd (meaning all animals are born and raised on our farm) with a mix of Hereford, Black white face (black baldy) mothers who are primarily bred with Black Angus bulls. No added hormones or antibiotics are used in our animals. We believe that knowing how your food was raised, where it comes from, what it was fed, and how the animal is treated are most important these days. Our animals are well taken care of, thus producing an amazingly tasty and healthy cut of meat.


$3.10 lb HCW for quarters/ halves plus processing

All natural Grass Fed Beef quarters and halves available spring and fall. Call 315-430-7241 for more info.


$4 lb hanging weight plus processing



5884 Quarry Rd
Perryville, NY 13032


Fritz Weisbrod
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised

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