Strock Farms

At Strock Farms we raise Grass-Fed beef. No antibiotics or added hormones are used and the cattle are raised on grass from start to finish. We also produce naturally raised chickens that have access to roam. Our other business is Farmers Wife Creations and Green House, which you can find on our Facebook. We also sell bedding plants, vegetables, free range eggs, raw honey, and goat milk soap. Check our Facebook for farmers' markets we attend.


$3lb/HCW, plus processing fees which usually average 80 cents per pound. This can vary depending on how it's cut and wrapped.

We sell our Grass-Fed beef by the quarter, half, or whole.
We also sell custom cuts that are USDA inspected.


$3.50/lb. for a whole chicken

Our naturally raised chickens are available by the whole or half. We also sell the hearts, livers, and gizzards.


33862 Tracey Road
Lafargeville, NY 13656
 Grass Fed (No grain)

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