McB's Hoof and Feather

Located in Niagara County Mc-B's farm is our passion and life. We strive to provide a variety of different meats, all raised right here on the farm. Our different meats are available whole, halves, or by the cut. We welcome questions and love to share with our customers how we raise our animals. We are located in Gasport NY which is an easy drive from either Buffalo or Rochester.


$3.50/lb conventional feed, or $4.50 gmo free

Pasture raised whole chickens typically average 5 lbs, but range from 3.5-7lbs



Pasture raised ducks. We raise the traditional pekin duck, as well as the Muscovy duck.


$6.50/lb whole rabbit

Our rabbits are made up of primarily heritage breeds like the Giant Chinchilla and American Chinchilla both of which are on the watch and critical list of the Livestock Conservancy which strives to preserve heritage breeds of livestock in America.



Includes processing and is sold as a whole, or half. We raise Katahdins, and Finns on pasture May-October. Lamb is known for its low fat, low cholesterol, but being high in omega-3's, and B-12.



This includes processing and is sold as a whole, or half. Goat meat is consumed by 3/4th of the worlds population due to its delicious taste, and health benefits. Lower in fat, calories, cholesterol, and saturated fat than beef or chicken, goat meat is an easy and tasty meal for you and your family.



We raise both heritage Red Bourons as well as a few of the traditional Broad Breasted whites. Our birds typically dress out in the 15-20lb range.



Our pasture raised geese are hatched and raised right here on the farm and enjoy free ranging in the pasture. Popular for the holidays we are typically sold out by October with pre-orders.


7764 Ridge Road
Gasport, NY 14067


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 Heritage Breed

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