Black River Cattle Company

Black River Cattle Company is a family-owned and operated local beef and pork operation with consumer needs as our top priority. We believe that in order to produce the finest tasting, all natural meat you must be committed to raising the highest quality breeds and dedicated to caring for livestock humanely. These guiding principles, coupled with our feeding practices, the genetics we source, and our animal raising standards, contribute to our great tasting all natural beef and pork!! FROM our FARM to your FORK!!


$3.14 lb/HWC (hang weight) We offer an all inclusive price for ease of the consumer. $3.14 per hang weight for 1/4, 1/2, or whole which includes the prime grade, all natural beef, processing to your specifications (these are not box deals, you get it exactly how you want), custom labeled packaging , and delivery (within 40 miles, arrangements can be made for longer distances )!!

We are consistently getting 60-62% yield off the hang weight which is more bang for your buck. Prime grade all natural beef is available year around for a 1/4, 1/2, or whole. We raise quality breeds such as Charolais, Angus, Hereford, Limosuines , and others. We do supplement with natural fermented forage to maximize energy and optimum weight, especially during the winter months. We DO NOT USE antibiotics or added growth harmones....fill your freezer now!! FROM our FARM to your FORK! !


$2.95 lb/ HWC (dressed weight) ; includes the premium pork, processing to your specifications, custom and labeled packaging, and delivery (within 40 miles....arrangements can be made for longer distances ). 1/2 and whole available! !

70-75% yield. Price includes smoking, several different kinds and flavors of sausages, hams, rubs, cured or uncured bacon!! Available year around. 1/2, Wholes available. Quick turnaround time!!


14471 county rt 145
Sackets harbor, NY 13685
 Pasture Raised

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