Creekside Meadows Farm

Creekside Meadows is a diversified, nurturing, land-healing grass based family farm. Our family farms 150 acres in the town of Cazenovia, raising 100% start to finish grass fed beef, silvo pastured pork, plus maple syrup, seasonal vegetables and artisan farmstead soaps.


Available by the 1/4 and 1/2.
$5.50/pound by hanging wt. including USDA processing.
Pre-order early with deposit.
Meat Packs, individual cuts and CSA available.

Our beef is raised by us on our own farm pastures. They are 100% Grassfed Start to finish, never any grain. Our herd is a mix of Belted Galloway and Hereford that is highly suited to grazing year round on our farm in our system. They graze our Holistically managed pastures a large portion of the year and supplemented hay from our own farm during the winters. Our pastures are Holistically managed for optimal nutrition and production while increasing soil fertility, biodiversity, clean water and overall healthy ecosystem. We never use hormones on the farm but do reserve the right to use antibiotics is needed for serious illness or injury in the herd.


$5.25 by hanging wt.including USDA processing.
Pork is available multiple times a year. Pre-orders with deposit.
Meat Packs, individual cuts and CSA options available

Pork is silvo-pasture raised meaning raised in the woods of the farm plus also on some open pasture depending on the season. They are moved to fresh areas ever few weeks. Our pigs are often born on the farm to our own sows on pasture. Currently our heritage breeds are tamworth bershire cross and Large Black Berkshire crosses. They are supplemented locally sourced grains that we grind fresh on the farm, vegetables, milk from our own family cows and apples in season.


2242 Reservoir Road
New Woodstock, NY 13122
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised
 Heritage Breed

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