Valley Trail Ranch

We are a registered pure bred Angus producer on 135 acres in NNY. We are dedicated to ensuring that you will receive a quality product. Our animals are born and naturally raised on the ranch. We use artificial insemination and require the best quality genetics available to improve our carcass traits to focus on rib eye size, marbling and tenderness. We are hormone-free, steroid or antibiotic-free and under the BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) and NYSCHAP (New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program), which is a state certified health management program involving a team of professionals. The animals are provided with clean water, good quality hay on rotational pasture with supplemental minerals providing a balanced meal for optimum beef quality.


$3 per pound HCW

Includes vacuum packed processing. Credit cards accepted. Call ahead, available periodically through the year. Sold in whole, half and quarters and by the package when USDA processed


3220 Fuller Road
Carthage, NY 13619


Larry M Laribee
 Grass Fed (No grain)
 Pasture Raised
 Animal Welfare Approved

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